Bar of Quebec - 2013
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Double apo red Building strong relationships with clients is the cornerstone of Anaïs’s practice. Her ability to listen and guide them confidently through the legal process ensures their peace of mind.
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Professional experience

With over ten years of experience, Anais has successfully handled a wide range of cases, including commercial contract disputes, construction and condo cases, class actions and succession files. She has honed her skills in these areas, enabling her to offer specialized assistance and tailored strategies to her clients, which include both companies and individuals. Anais has represented condo syndicates, construction contractors and building owners.

A trilingual, articulate and persuasive advocate, Anais has experience pleading before all levels of court in Quebec. She contributes to the training of the firm’s junior lawyers, both with respect to certain areas of law and regarding legal research and skills, in addition to doing so as a guest lecturer at McGill University in the context of a class taught by a Superior Court Judge. At the beginning of her career, Anais clerked for the judges of the Superior Court of Quebec.

Driven by a deep commitment to social justice, Anais volunteers on various social justice projects, including serving as board member of the Legal Information Clinic at McGill for 10 years. She also raised awareness about the international legal implications and human rights violations suffered by the Armenians of Nagorno-Karabakh through various publications and presentations, including as a guest addressing the Canadian Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee.

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Representative work

  • Represented estate heirs and obtained nullity of a will and marriage given the testator’s incapacity, as well as the payment of moral damages and legal fees for abuse of procedure.

  • Representation of heirs in applications for safeguard orders to appoint provisional liquidators of estates.

  • Representation of heirs in the context of a renunciation of an inheritance.

  • Representation of clients requesting the homologation of a protection mandate.

  • Representation of a client in order to open a tutorship regime for his mother who had been the victim of physical and financial abuse..

  • Representation of clients in a hidden defects case and obtaining judgment in first instance and on appeal ordering seller to reimburse the costs of repairing the hidden defects.

  • Representation of a construction contractor and obtaining the surrender and sale of the judicial sale of a property encumbered by a legal construction hypothec.

  • Representation of general contractors in actions brought by subcontractors claiming damages for delays in government construction projects.

  • Representation of a co-ownership syndicate in proceedings against the builder and developer of the building for construction defects, hidden defects and poor workmanship affecting the private portions of the co-ownership.

  • Representation of a company in the context of their defense against a claim for acquisitive prescription of their property.

  • Representation of a subcontractor claiming damages caused by deficient engineering plans.

  • Representation of individuals in the context of a provincial expropriation recourse taken against them.

  • Obtained dismissal of an unfounded action on account brought against the executive director of a non-profit organization.

  • Obtained personal condemnation of a surety for non-payment of supplies purchased by his company from a hardware store.

  • Represented an employee placement agency sued by a client and obtained payment for services rendered by the agency.

  • Representation of clients and shareholders in claims for breach of commercial contracts, actions on account and oppression actions.

  • Representation of landlords and tenants in commercial lease disputes, litigation for arrears of rent, damages, eviction, illegal subletting, lease termination and repossession.

  • Represented a company in injunction and contempt proceedings to stop publication of defamatory statements online.

  • Represented consumers against Meubles Léon Ltd. and obtained damages for class members in a collective action based on advertising in violation of the Consumer Protection Act.

  • Represented plaintiffs in an application for authorization of a class action against a construction material recycling company on the basis of allegations of pollution of neighbouring properties.

  • Represented a consumer group in the implementation of a national marketing plan ($1 million) for the distribution of the settlement of a competition law class action valued at $38 million and supervised the distribution of funds by the claims administrator.

  • Represented a group of investors alleging to have been victims of a Ponzi-style fraud and managed the distribution campaign for a class action settlement amounting to approximately $43 million.

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“Canada: Human Rights Champion or Pawn to Autocratic Regimes in the Global Arms Trade? Response to the “Final report: Review of export permits to Turkey” (with Emilie Béatrice Kokmanian), published by Global Affairs Canada”, May 4, 2021. (Brief submitted to the Canadian Parliament Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development)

Sheila Paylan, Anaïs Kadian et al., “The Case for Canada’s Recognition of the Republic of Artsakh as a Measure of the Responsibility to Protect”, Armenian Bar Association, November 25, 2020.

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Admission to the bar

  • Bar of Quebec – 2013
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  • B.C.L./LL.B., McGill University, 2012
  • B.A. (International Studies), York University, 2008
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Awards and recognitions

  • Young Bar of Montreal English, Oratory Competition 2017 (Second place)
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  • Bar of Québec
  • Canadian Bar Association
  • Armenian Bar Association
  • The Advocates’ Society
  • Legal Information Clinic at McGill, Board Member (2010-2020) and Executive Director (2010- 2011)