Closing of Pride Month – Defending diversity and the rights of all

28 June 2023

This 28th of June 2023 marks the 54th anniversary of the historic Stonewall Inn riots, in response to a police raid on this iconic gay club in New York. Serving as a catalyst for an unprecedented revolt, this event marked a major turning point in the fight for the rights of the gay community and all 2SLGBTQI+ communities. Today, it should stand as a reminder of how important it is that the justice system and law enforcement always remain in service of freedom and equality for all.

Pride Month honors the courage and resilience of 2SLGBTQI+ communities. As it comes to an end, LCM Attorneys wants to emphasize the significance of the legal community standing consistently and firmly on the side of individuals’ rights to express who they are, without discrimination. The progress made over the past decades is undeniable but it should not be taken for granted, and the work is far from complete. A look around us is enough to realize that 2SLGBTQI+ communities continue to face various forms of discrimination and that attacks against them are in some cases only growing more vocal.

Together, let us honor the courage of those who dared to stand against injustice and oppression, and let us commit to promoting a more inclusive society where solidarity and open-mindedness prevail.