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Submitting commercial and business disputes to arbitration, particularly in an international context, gives parties the advantage of predictability by allowing them to determine in advance the forum that will hear their potential disputes. Oftentimes, it is also a quicker and more efficient solution than recourse to domestic courts.

The members of our team have extensive expertise and an enviable reputation in national and international commercial arbitration, both with respect to the conduct of proceedings before the arbitral tribunal and before domestic courts in the context of proceedings stemming from the arbitral process.

We advise our clients with respect to arbitration clauses and the development of arbitral protocols, and represent them at all stages of the arbitral process. We also assist our clients in proceedings related to arbitration, such as recourse to the Superior Court to compel the appointment of an arbitrator or refer the dispute to arbitration, to obtain the assistance of the Court during the arbitral process, or to obtain the quashing or homologation of an arbitral award. In addition, several members of our team are also accredited arbitrators and hear significant disputes in various areas.

We also advise our clients in the settlement of disputes and assist and represent them in mediation or other dispute resolution processes.

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Representative work

  • Acting for a foreign corporation in legal proceedings seeking to enforce an arbitral award against the Federal Republic of Nigeria valued at approximately $100 million. Proceedings in this case are ongoing in multiple jurisdictions and notably aim to recognize our client’s rights to execute the award against an aircraft acquired following alleged misappropriation of funds.

  • Representation of a foreign State and certain foreign public authorities against an application for the enforcement of arbitral awards rendered by an International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) tribunal sitting in Paris.

  • Representation of a shareholder challenging their dismissal as employee of the corporation in the context of an arbitration challenging the extent of the powers of a consensual arbitrator in matters of oppression remedies pursuant to the Canada Business Corporations Act.

  • Representation of the Canadian Commercial Arbitration Centre (CCAC) in a judicial review application concerning an arbitral decision.

  • Representation of a Canadian-based franchisor with operations on several continents in a dispute before an arbitral tribunal concerning the termination of its relationship with the developer of its franchises in certain European jurisdictions.

  • Representation of a foundation in an arbitration regarding the termination of a services agreement and the cancellation of a fundraising event due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • Representation of one of the world's largest wind turbine manufacturers in a $150 million arbitration concerning wind farms located in Gaspésie, a project globally known for its climate-related complexities.

  • Representation of a Dutch holding company in applications for the recognition and annulment of ICC arbitral awards concerning the ownership of a refinery located in Germany.