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LCM Attorneys advises and represents condominium syndicates regarding their activities, disputes and litigation matters. We assist our clients in relation to building management, relationships with co-owners, and the proper functioning of the syndicate.

Our expertise in construction law enables us to assist condominium syndicates in their legal disputes with developers, builders, professionals and sub-contractors. Our team accompanies our clients in litigation before courts and in arbitration, whether as plaintiffs or defendants.

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Representative work

  • Representation of a group of syndicates of co-ownership in proceedings claiming in excess of 30 million dollars in relation to construction defects in a complex containing more than 450 luxury units.

  • Representation of the board of directors of a syndicate of co-ownership in proceedings instituted by several co-owners challenging expenses related to major renovations on the basis that they were allegedly the result of the negligent failure of previous board members to properly maintain the building.

  • Representation of parties involved in a proxy battle to replace members of the board and terminate the building’s management company, and assistance in the restructuring of presentations at co-owners’ meetings.

  • Representation of a co-ownership syndicate of a condominium classified as a heritage building in the context of litigation relating to the sharing of expenses between co-owners of different parts of the building.

  • Representation of a board of directors of a building organized as a cooperative in various litigation and in the context of major projects, including the construction of an underground parking garage.