Defamation and privacy law

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In the age of digital media and social networks, the protection of privacy and one’s reputation are of increased importance.

The legal principles relating to defamation, the media and the protection of personal information seek to maintain the delicate balance between freedom of expression, the public’s right to information and the protection of one’s reputation and privacy. Whether you are the victim of defamation or an intrusion into your private life, or whether proceedings have been instituted against you, our team possesses the legal and strategic expertise to provide you with effective counsel and successful representation.

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Representative work

  • Representation of a group of technology companies in the context of a proposed worldwide class action based on allegations of non-consensual dissemination of explicit images and videos on high-traffic websites.

  • Representation of Cardinal Marc Ouellet in the context of a defamation lawsuit instituted by him.

  • Representation of two political figures in a defamation suit against an elected official for defamatory statements made against them.

  • Representation of a real estate developer in a defamation action against a newspaper alleging breaches of journalistic standards.

  • Representation of the Caisse Desjardins de Joliette and several of its directors in a defamation lawsuit filed against them.

  • Representation of several companies and individuals in damage claims for reputational harm against various media corporations.

  • Counselling and advice provided to public figures in the context of media investigations targeting them.