Shareholder disputes and directors and officers liability

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We possess significant experience in shareholder disputes in areas such as financial services, information technology, food, transport, the production of multimedia, etc. We are also called on to represent clients in disputes between institutional investors and the founders of companies in different sectors. Whether it is a dispute regarding a shareholders’ agreement, a request for financial information, a share repurchase request by a minority shareholder, an action against a director, or a request to dissolve a company, our objective is to assist our clients in rapidly achieving their goals.

We understand the interests of businesses and the importance of acting strategically to attain objectives while avoiding unnecessary legal disputes. We act quickly and strategically to ensure that our clients’ rights are respected vis-à-vis their partners, all the while protecting the business. This can require triggering “shotgun” clauses, expelling an officer or director, challenging the restructuring or issuance of shares, forcing the buyback of a shareholder’s holding, limiting the powers of a president, etc.

Our lawyers know when an intervention is necessary, and when circumstances require, they rapidly petition the Court to obtain the orders required to stabilize the company’s management and ensure that our clients’ rights are respected (see our expertise in injunctions, seizures and special procedures).

We also represent officers and directors when their personal liability is on the line in the context of disputes over the company’s management and control.