Wills, estates and trust litigation

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Liquidating a succession can be a complex endeavour, especially since disagreements are frequent regarding the wishes of the deceased or the management of the estate, the assets of which can be located in multiple jurisdictions. Litigation thus sometimes arises between liquidators and heirs, or between different heirs.

Our team is experienced and sensitive to the specific dynamics involved in succession matters. Liquidators and beneficiaries have recourse to our services at each stage of the process following the opening of the succession. Our clients consult us in order to avoid litigation that may at first glance seem inevitable, to launch or challenge legal proceedings, or to assist in arbitrations and mediations.

We have acted to defend liquidators of estates and trustees concerning the administration of the estate or trust and the management of their assets, sometimes in situations where the facts spanned several decades. We have also acted for beneficiaries to assert claims of deficient administration by liquidators or trustees.