LCM Attorneys Unveils a New Brand Image

12 December 2023

Press Release

Montreal, December 12, 2023 – As our firm will soon celebrate its 10th anniversary, the time has come to take stock of what we have accomplished and highlight the leading position our firm now occupies in the Montreal, Quebec, and Canadian legal landscape.

Our new logo incorporates the colors and visual elements that distinguish us while underscoring the strength of our presence, the result of a decade of excellence, quality of services to clients, and innovation in handling legal disputes. Our new website also showcases the richness of our Montreal roots and the city’s openness to the rest of the country and the world.

New slogan: “We speak litigation” (in French, “Le sens du litige”)

“We speak litigation”. Our new slogan is what defines us. Assisting clients in legal matters and proposing tailor-made solutions requires true and active listening, sharp reflexes, and an ability to fully grasp our clients’ reality and their objectives. Litigation is at the core of our identity, as is the search of solutions.

Litigation is also a form of language, our language. Whether it is with our clients, the court, or opposing parties, communication is essential. Advising and representing clients thus requires first-rate communication skills, the ability to speak our clients’ language, to translate the legal world for them, and to skilfully advocate on their behalf to ensure their rights and interests are recognized.

A well-established reputation built on the strength of our team

LCM Attorneys is, first and foremost, a team. A team of dynamic legal professionals with unwavering rigor and integrity, dedicated to providing their clients with the best and most efficient legal services. Our lawyers all share advanced expertise, attentive listening, legal creativity, and practical thinking.

Over the past decade, the firm has considerably grown in size, largely in response to the needs of our clients, who have continually entrusted us with their most important and sensitive cases. The firm has thus acquired a size, and breadth and depth of expertise, that allow us to handle the most significant cases.

As professionals, we value accessibility and proximity to our clients. Our approach is personalized, centered on trust and mutual respect, ensuring an exceptional client experience.

New governance structure

We wanted to ensure that our structure reflected our phenomenal growth and would continue to support thoughtful growth, allowing us to face new challenges and opportunities with agility, while respecting our corporate culture and engaging the next generation.

“The governance structure must reflect our values, our DNA, and our strategic directions. With the support of my partners, I intend to actively ensure the strategic development of the business and the firm’s influence, particularly outside Quebec, while remaining the guardian of our values and brand promise”, explains Dominique Ménard, Managing Partner at LCM Attorneys.

The new executive committee of the firm consists of three members:

  • Dominique Ménard
  • Nicolas Roche
  • Julien Archambault

Sébastien Caron will assume the role of Chairman of the Board of Directors. We have also structured the activities of our audit committee and clarified the role of our strategic committees, in which associates and partners alike directly contribute to the firm’s life.

About LCM Attorneys

Founded in 2014, LCM Attorneys quickly secured a prominent position in the Montreal, Quebec, and Canadian legal landscapes. It is now a respected leader in all areas of civil and commercial litigation, as well as in public and administrative law. Our professionals have diverse and complementary expertise, ranging from shareholder disputes to professional liability, construction law to international law or class actions, from arbitration to appeals and judicial review.

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