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LCM Attorneys is proud to sponsor Juripop’s mission of access to justice

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LCM Attorneys is proud to join forces with Clinique juridique Juripop by sponsoring its event “Vos rires pour l’accès à la justice”, a comedy night to be held on Thursday, April 25, 2019, at 6:30pm, at Théâtre Plaza.

Clinique juridique Juripop

Founded in 2009, Juripop is a legal clinic that uses the law to improve the living conditions of all citizens. Juripop provides low-cost legal services to individuals and small organizations unable to afford private attorneys, and offers free legal information to vulnerable populations across Quebec.

In the past 10 years, Juripop has contributed to important reforms in the Quebec legal-aid regime, and has provided free legal information and low-cost legal services to thousands of low-income citizens across the province. Juripop’s contribution to the administration of justice was notably rewarded by the Forces Avenir Peace, Solidarity and Justice Award, as well as numerous recognitions awarded to its founders.

Juripop has developed a solid expertise in providing legal literacy services and free legal information to vulnerable populations in the most innovative manners. It regularly organizes walk-in clinics where citizens can meet with lawyers and notaries in confidential and non-traditional settings.

This has allowed Juripop to develop unique skills in explaining the law to vulnerable populations in unconventional settings. Juripop’s staff are resilient, creative and dedicated jurists who are committed to improving the administration of justice in Quebec.

“Vos rires pour l’accès à la justice”

The objective of the April 25 evening is to raise $15,000 and to help present Juripop’s mission to a new public. By way of this evening, Clinique juridique Juripop hopes to spread the word about access to justice and the methods it employs to ensure it becomes a reality.

Tickets for the event, starting at $40, are on sale on Juripop’s Website: